As an experienced medical professional, Debbie Smith has seen, first-hand, the debilitating effects that physical, emotional, and mental pain can have on an individual. With the belief that pain can be both a cause and a side effect of a number of ailments, illnesses, mental deficiencies and emotional upheaval, Debbie focuses her energy on eliminating the sources of pain, and their secondary effects, in order to ensure optimal health and wellness by using her medical knowledge and her experience with reiki, energy, and emotional healing.

Backed by more than 29 years in the medical field, Debbie turned her attention to holistic mending and the ancient practice of reiki healing. Debbie uses the tools and techniques such as healing crystals, chakra healing, and meditation taught to her by reiki masters more than 15 years ago. Her focus is on restoring the energetic pathways throughout the body’s systems, by implementing reiki and energy healing. Coupling medical science with positive energy healing, she is able to address and heal a wide variety of personal and physical issues with her therapeutic touch.
Addressing everything from recurring headaches to emotional trauma and phobias, Debbie has helped hundreds of clients find peace and confidence while living a life free of chronic pain with her holistic healing approach using reiki.

Discover how living pain-free can open up a world of possibilities for you and your loved ones. Supported by years of personal experience and clinical research within reiki healing, Debbie’s holistic healing techniques have helped hundreds release the stress caused by past emotional trauma, remove the mental issues that prevent personal growth and rehabilitate the physical ailments that have caused undue amounts of pain. With focus, her energy healing techniques can help you live a fuller, more fulfilling life, where you can form healthy relationships and create opportunities for professional and personal development.

Find out more about the reiki master, her energy, and holistic healing techniques, by scheduling your free personal consultation with Debbie now, and start your path to optimal wellness and enlightened living today.