1. The Benefits of Energy Healing for Your Pets

    Energy healing methods like reiki are a great way for people to find healing for both their bodies and their minds. However, it's not exclusively for humans! Just like you benefit from energy healing, your pets can benefit from it as well. Healing Energy Choices offers energy healing for pets in Fort Collins and beyond so they can experience some of the same benefits their owners do from energy he…Read More

  2. Healing relationships with energy shifting

    Relationships are always shifting and we are not always able to understand what is happening in our relationships.  This can lead to anger, frustration, withdrawing, anxiety and many more emotions.  Emotions are our reactions in relationships and sometimes we don't even know why a struggle or challenge or miscommunication is happening. Any relationship has conflicts but we don't always know wher…Read More

  3. Healing energy shifting gives you the lightness to see things differently

    *Do you feel heavy and tense physically? *Do you feel like you are fighting yourself? *Do you want to feel lighter and more present? *Do you want to decrease your unhealthy reactions? *Do you want relief from your internal frustration? We are always trying to figure stuff out physically, mentally and emotionally.  Unfortunately we are fighting against ourselves because our subconsciousness has al…Read More

  4. energy healing creates space for forgiveness!

    Forgiveness is so important in our lives!  When we can't forgive, pain mentally, emotionally and physically remain in our organs, systems and structures.  Decrease negativity in our mind, body and soul will allow forgiveness to heal our pain. Our society is in chaos right now with  fear, anger, hate, stress, anxiety and extreme judgement.  These emotions do not help change the world.  These e…Read More

  5. The Many Benefits of Energy Healing

    When you continue to feel emotional or physical pain, along with sluggishness, distress, and anxiety, your whole world may feel like it's crumbling. When you are able to align all the energy in your body and get it flowing in rhythmic order, you should be able to notice your health and wellness getting back to normal. When you have the energy within your body restored, you will be able to protect …Read More

  6. Reiki and What Your Aura Color Means: Part 3

    When it comes to the study of reiki and energy healing, our reiki master pays a lot of attention to your aura. The aura is a type of energy your body is projecting to the outside world. In our latest blog series, we have been covering different types of auras you may possess. When you speak with Debbie, our reiki master, she will be able to sense what type of aura you have and find out how to res…Read More

  7. Energy Healing and the Seven Chakras: Part 2

    If you have been keeping up with our blog, you have realized that keeping your chakras aligned, open, and spinning are imperative for your well-being and happiness. Your chakras affect everything that makes you, you. Your mental health, communication, ability to love freely, and so forth are compromised if you are not taking advantage of energy healing with Healing Energy Sources. Debbie our reiki…Read More

  8. Energy Healing and Seven Chakras

    When it comes to healing the body with positive energy sources, there is much more than meets the eye. With reiki healing, Healing Energy Choices believes that there is a life force flowing inside of us. If that energy flow gets out of whack in any way, that is when we begin to feel turmoil. Debbie is our reiki master and knows how to get your body balanced and restore harmony. Once this is done, …Read More