On Memorial Day I recognized how many people suffer every moment of their lives with the symptoms of PTSD.  People describe the terrible emotional, mental and physical pain they endure.  It really becomes debilitating in daily living.  Stress, anxiety and fear are always resonating in their bodies and mind.  This is not the way to have to live.

Energying shifting down to the cellular level can neutralize the negative charges once the core issues are found.  People can immediately feel relief and feel better.  When the energy shifting continues peeling away the core issues causing PTSD, people immediately feel lighter and regain hope that they can feel better and not have to suffer anymore.

I met a veteran yesterday that has had PTSD for years.  He did not want to live with this suffering anymore.  He had nightmares, high anxiety, guilt, shame and stress all the time.  He had no hope at all.  I asked him if I could sit with him and do some relaxation energy work.  He agreed and he described where the pain was in his body.  He stated he had pounding in his head and extreme tightness in his chest.  He closed his eyes and I worked on finding the core issues causing the suffering. After 15 minutes he opened his eyes which had become bright and he was smiling.  He stated he has not felt this way for such a long time. The pounding in his head and the tightness in his chest was gone.  He stated he felt lighter and happy and he felt hope.

Energy shifting can help people feel better with whatever they are struggling with.  People are always surprised that they can actually feel better so quickly and easily. When I see people suffering so deeply and have given up any hope of feeling better, I want them to give Energy Shifting and Reiki a try!   If other modalities and western medicine is not helping with your PTSD, please consider a free consultation to experience feeling better immediately!   You deserve to feel better!!!!