When it comes to healing the body with positive energy sources, there is much more than meets the eye. With reiki healing, Healing Energy Choices believes that there is a life force flowing inside of us. If that energy flow gets out of whack in any way, that is when we begin to feel turmoil. Debbie is our reiki master and knows how to get your body balanced and restore harmony. Once this is done, the body will feel healthy and your mind will feel centered.
Not only are there going to be energy pathways to take care of, but Debbie will also balance out your chakras. Chakras are the center of spiritual power within your body. There are seven total and they all are imperative for your health and happiness.

Today we will discuss the seven chakras and what they do for your body


First, What is a Chakra?

Chakras are the main energy source within the body. Energy comes and goes through these channels. The chakras are pictured to be a spinning wheel, always moving clockwise. They spin in time that feels right for your being. The energy is transferred through your actual physical body and your aura. There are four levels of chakras which are:


  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

If these chakras become dissipated, this will affect our well being and it will become beneficial to see a reiki master, such as Debbie. The chakras are aligned in the body straight down the middle, which is why balance is so important


Crown- Thought, Identity, Knowingness

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head. It is the hub for us to understand our connection to consciousness. This chakra is keeping us more aware to the elements around us. We believe that this is where the soul enters and exits our bodies. When this chakra is spinning correctly and at full force, this is where our knowledge, understanding, connection, harmony, and wisdom originate from. The chakra is the source for us to connect with ourselves and the life force within us.


Third Eye- Light, Intuition, Clarity, Awareness

This chakra can be located between the eyebrows, right in the center. The chakra is in charge of our inner vision. When it’s balanced correctly, it’s how we achieve insight and knowledge. This chakra helps you understand things outside yourself and think in a better manner. This chakra is where your imaginative mind comes from and is encouraged.

Throat- Sound, Creative, Self Expression

The throat chakra is your energy source for communication. Communication is key in everyday life. When we are freely able to communicate, with a balanced 5th chakra, we remain happy, healthy, and in a beneficial state of mind. This is where you “talk to yourself.” This is how you communicate deeply to your own soul and where you can achieve a full meditative state.

Heart- Love, Compassion, Social, Acceptance

The heart chakra and form of energy is located right where your heart exists. This is the chakra that needs to spin to maintain balance involving love and compassion. This chakra is vital for us to feel emotionally developed and empathetic to others. It allows us to love strongly and to feel peace and centered as a whole. The heart allows us to love without any conditions involved. If this chakra is not flowing energy correctly, this is where many relationship issues stem from such as divorce and separation.
Once you have a better understanding of the chakras and their important role within our energy, you will begin to understand why energy healing is so important to your health and well-being. Debbie will assist you in getting your chakras back in order so you can feel balance and happiness. Schedule a free consultation with Debbie today! She is located in Fort Collins, Colorado or can do reiki distance healing through a phone call or skype! Look for our next blog with the other chakras and see how they affect your life force energy and your overall wellness.