If you have been keeping up with our blog, you have realized that keeping your chakras aligned, open, and spinning are imperative for your well-being and happiness. Your chakras affect everything that makes you, you. Your mental health, communication, ability to love freely, and so forth are compromised if you are not taking advantage of energy healing with Healing Energy Sources. Debbie our reiki master, is well versed in how to heal the body using her healing touch and reiki techniques. Don’t keep living an imbalanced life, contact Debbie today!

Let’s continue learning about the chakras and why you may need energy healing:


Solar Plexus- Desire, Power, Spirit

This energy power is located right by your belly button or slightly below. This chakra is responsible for controlling the energy that is power, enthusiasm, and self-confidence. When your 3rd chakra is spinning and healthy, you will have confidence, purpose, and motivation to continue throughout your day. If this chakra is off balance you could maintain a low self-esteem, indecisiveness, and possibly anger issues. This energy is also helpful in the digestion process, if you feel ill it could be because your third chakra isn’t healthy, and getting the correct energy flow. This chakra needs to be in balance at all times, so you feel healthy, have energy, and know how to guide your own destiny.

Sacral- Creativity, Emotions, Health and Purity,

The sacral chakra is located within the abdomen near the lower back. It is directly connected to our emotional state and our sexual being. This is considered the source of energy where passion and pleasure is originated from. This chakra helps us feel deeply, and enjoy and discover our sexuality and intimacy. The energy controls our sense of sensation, how we feel alive. This can be done through the five main sensations. If this chakra is off balance you may have intimacy issues with your partner, and will not be able to enjoy total fulfillment from life. Getting this chakra in check is important, so you can help your senses and your inner and outer relationships.

Root- Support, Survival, Life

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is what forms who we are. It represents our will to survive and our natural instincts. Balancing this chakra is crucial because it is the base for the rest of the energies to coincide. This chakra is the basis for all energy flow. It is the energy that makes you feel safe and secure. It gives us the ability to stand up for what we believe is right. This is the chakra that most connects to our physical selves. When this chakra is not working correctly, you may feel anxious, have many fears, and even experience nightmares. Physical characteristics you may suffer from are issues with the colon, bladder, lower back pain, or feet issues. Debbie, our reiki master, will be able to use the proper energy healing to get your body aligned and stable.
Healing Energy Choices gives you the choice to take control of your life, so you can proper retain balance and harmony. If you feel like any of these issues applies to you, schedule your consultation with Debbie. Your chakras may be imbalanced and she will be able to help you with any emotional or physical ailments, using reiki and other healing techniques. Debbie has many years of experience and can see you in person in northern Colorado. She also offers reiki distance healing through Skype and phone consultations. Start feeling like yourself again, or even better, and experience energy healing today with reiki.