Past memories and experiences can deplete your mental, emotional and physical self.  Unfortunately, most of these memories and experiences are in your subconscious!  So you are unable to find the core issues and make these energies neutral.  A good description of what these subconscious energies feel like is you feel like you are always fighting yourself! No matter what you try to do, learn, cope, the internal struggles will always be there.

An example of this would be in relationships with anyone!  Your energy towards another person can be very confusing because let’s say you really like this person but you can’t figure out what is bothering or annoying you, there is no concrete reason why you feel this way towards a person.  These are the subconscious energies that are always fighting your consciousness and logic.

Energy Shifting can find the core subconscious issues between any relationship and get your energy neutral so that there is clear energy space to relate healthy to each other and yourself.   Conflicts internally and externally are reduced and your mental, emotional and physical  improves!

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