Relationships are always shifting and we are not always able to understand what is happening in our relationships.  This can lead to anger, frustration, withdrawing, anxiety and many more emotions.  Emotions are our reactions in relationships and sometimes we don’t even know why a struggle or challenge or miscommunication is happening.

Any relationship has conflicts but we don’t always know where the conflicts come from!  When people experience energy healing for their relationships, they feel lighter and not so charged up, emotions decrease  and people are able to deal with conflicts in a healthier way.  When reactions calm down, there becomes calm space to resolve things clearly and healthy.  Relationship energy has many triggers and issues that cannot be resolved unless the charged energy can be be lowered!

I have helped people heal their negative relationship energy so they are able to lower their immediate reactions in their relationships and begin to find healthy possibilities to resolve the conflicts or challenges.  People can talk and talk to try and resolve problems but unless they decrease their emotional reactions, conflicts and  unhealthy emotions will continue.

A free consultation can actually let you feel the energy healing within you regarding any relationship conflict, whether it be with a partner, a family member, a co-worker, a boss, a friend.  This can be simple and easily with instant physical, mental and emotional relief!