“Against the force of laughter nothing can stand”……Mark Twain


  1.  Laughter releases endorphins, giving us the “feel good factor”
  2. Acts as aerobic exercise and is like ‘internal jogging”
  3. Unleashes inhibitions breaks down barriers
  4. Great team building tool encouraging better communication
  5. Helps boost immune system which helps us resist disease
  6. Tones muscles, improves respiration and circulation
  7. Encourages positive thinking and creativity
  8. Relaxes the whole body by reducing stress and tension

MY STORY:  I was really good at holding emotions in when life challenges occurred.  I was very self critical and worried a lot.  I decided to become a teacher of laughter wellness because as you know “the teacher teaches what she needs to learn”.   I yearned to feel good and laugh more.  When I took the class, I was using muscles and body parts that I hadn’t moved in a long time!   The laughing energy moved throughout my body.  It was accelerating!  As we moved through different activities the laughter increased and we couldn’t stop laughing and did not know why we were laughing anymore!  I could feel the tension and stress leave my body and mind.  I learned so much about how to breath using sounds and activities.  I usually get hesitant to be asked to do something I am not familiar with.  But in the laughter class, we didn’t have to be perfect and just played with the activity any way that it felt good!  I could see I just needed to let go and trust and just laugh my way through.

My mind and body really changed and shifted during the class of laughter wellness!  I felt more confidence, my body felt so good and the constant laughter and breathing activities brought me back to my center of well-being!

I hope people will put laughter in their body and mind!  I offer classes at no cost to give a chance for everyone to experience the magic of Laughter Wellness!  LIVE JOY NOW!