Many people utilize reiki healing for their physical problems. What many don’t realize, even those familiar with reiki, is that it’s also a useful tool for the management and healing of emotional pain. When you surrender to the healing energy, reiki works to restore your body and your mind, which is why it’s beneficial for those emotional pains as well as the physical ones.¬†Emotional pain comes from the trauma that we’ve been through in our lives, whether that’s abuse, the loss of a loved one, mental illness, or other mental and emotional struggles. Our bodies don’t forget the emotional trauma that they’ve experienced, even if it was 10, 20, 30 or more years ago. Our bodies hold onto that emotional trauma and that can result in physical pain. Reiki can help you release those hold emotions, letting go of past hurts and releasing those burdens. The result can be a healthier, happier, freer you who is connected with a deeper, restorative energy.

Releasing Emotional Pain Leads to Better Wellbeing

If you’ve never been to a reiki healer before for treatment of your emotional pain, you might be a little unsure about what to expect. But just like with all reiki treatments, the process will be gentle and calming and work to connect you with the inner source of your healing. Most people find their reiki sessions to be energizing, comfortable, and restorative. You’ll be in a safe environment where you can relax and connect with the inner source of your healing, guided by a reiki healer who can help you unlock your energy and overcome blocks that you may be experiencing.

Many people find that working on their emotional pain works to actually help with some of the physical symptoms they might be experiencing, such as back pain, migraines, stomach pain, and more. These can be physical manifestations of emotional pain. That’s because your body and mind are connected, and working to improve and heal one can help heal the other. Likewise, if you leave emotional problems unattended and let them continue to get worse, you may find that you experience more physical illnesses and injuries. If you’ve struggled with a physical ailment for a long time, such as chronic pain, it may be time to focus on healing your emotions and see if that triggers healing in your physical body.


Let Healing Energy Choices Guide You Through Healing

If you’ve never experienced reiki healing before or are looking for a new reiki healer, Healing Energy Choices would love to partner with you as your reiki guide through this healing process. Debbie is an experienced healer who understands how best to use a combination of reiki, crystals, meditation, and reflexology to help you achieve your healing goals. It’s time to overcome your emotional hurts and discover true healing for both your body and your mind. Make an appointment with Debbie today by giving us a call or contacting Healing Energy Choices through this website. It’s time to find lasting healing for your body and mind.