The month of august is giving us opportunities to shift our energy to let go of the past, focus on what is inside of us for answers and desires and what is right for us and to become calm and neutral to see what to do next thru your dreams and seeing and what is right for you.    

Become neutral to your subconscious and all the chaos of your past thru energy shifting.  You will feel better and lighter and not feel like you are fighting yourself.  You will become more observant and  aware of your surroundings and instead of reacting you will become the observer and make better decisions and see more possibilities.  

It is so easy energetically to find the core issues in your mind, body and soul that are so charged up that you don’t feel good.  You can read books, do therapy, go to classes but if your energy is not neutral to all aspects of your life and emotions, you will not be able be in the present, feel better and really feel ok with everything around you.  

It is so simply to feel better emotionally, physically and mentally and now is the perfect time to have your energy shifted to a neutral place so you choose to not allow your past energies to interfere with your present life!

Give yourself the gift of having your past being energetically shifted simply and easily so you can focus now on your desires, feelings and what is right for you now!

This opportunity awaits you right now!

Debbie Smith RN