Offering her energy and reiki healing services to individuals experiencing a variety of physical and mental problems, Debbie provides in-person reiki sessions and energy healing consultations over the phone and through Skype. Her holistic and natural healing therapy appointments are solely focused on the individual’s unique energy blocks and sources of affliction or complaint.

Helping each person to effectively decrease the power and attention these maladies require in order to flourish, Debbie shares the tools of reiki, spiritual, and energy healing in order to empower each one with wellness and energy. The belief is that, without chronic and recurring pain, people can experience more positivity and hopefulness, allowing them to make better choices and accept possibilities. By healing with a holistic approach using reiki, she is teaching proper reaction responses, sleep techniques and providing effective energy healing, Debbie helps students and clients achieve a personally balanced energy with her reiki master abilities.


A being who achieves balanced energy and healthy chakras can effectively:

  • Eliminate physical and emotional pain
  • Eliminate old patterns, stress, anxiety
  • Improve health and relationships
  • Create well-being and peacefulness
  • Feel more connected and secure
  • Experience more clarity and control in your daily life
  • Be more present and in the moment
  • Possess more freedom from past experiences or traumas

Offering reflexology, energy work classes, and sleep techniques, Debbie offers local and reiki distance healing to her clients, as a naturally holistic path to optimal wellness in order to facilitate a pain-free way of life. Find out more by scheduling your personal consultation now. with the reiki master!