1. Reiki and Energy Healing Creates Neutrality!

    An Example of the Power of Energy Healing and Neutrality This an example of what can happen when you are in neutrality.  This means your energy is balanced and not charged with chaos! “I had been thinking about vacations and couldn't seem to make any decisions about where I wanted to travel to. I was going into work and had myself,  ‘Would Costa Rica be a good place for me to visit?’  My …Read More

  2. Reiki and Energy Healing – What are the Benefits?

    Benefits of Reiki and Energy Healing When our energy is balanced mentally, physically, and emotionally with ENERGY HEALING the moments of possibilities are endless.  What does that mean?  We all are made of energy and carry an accumulation of past energies with us in our consciousness and subconsciousness. Infinite buried memories and issues are in our subconsciousness.  That is why we feel lik…Read More

  3. Welcome to Our Blog!

    W elcome to Healing Energy Choices, new blog! We are so excited to have a blog up and running, so we can share with you all the wonderful things about reiki, energy healing, and how to help yourself find harmony and balance. Debbie is our reiki master and with over 15 years of experience, she knows how to heal the body in a holistic and natural way. She focuses her energy on what's been troubling …Read More