1. Overcoming Emotional Pain with Reiki

    Many people utilize reiki healing for their physical problems. What many don't realize, even those familiar with reiki, is that it's also a useful tool for the management and healing of emotional pain. When you surrender to the healing energy, reiki works to restore your body and your mind, which is why it's beneficial for those emotional pains as well as the physical ones. Emotional pain comes f…Read More

  2. Reiki and Energy Healing – What are the Benefits?

    Benefits of Reiki and Energy Healing When our energy is balanced mentally, physically, and emotionally with ENERGY HEALING the moments of possibilities are endless.  What does that mean?  We all are made of energy and carry an accumulation of past energies with us in our consciousness and subconsciousness. Infinite buried memories and issues are in our subconsciousness.  That is why we feel lik…Read More

  3. Help Your Anxiety with Reiki in Fort Collins

    When someone suffers from anxiety, it can be a crippling condition. For some people, it is something that comes and goes during high-stress situations, for others, it is a constant and difficult battle. While medications do exist to help curb symptoms of anxiety, if you are wanting a more natural way to relieve your worries, try reiki in Fort Collins. Reiki is a form of energy healing and can trea…Read More

  4. Reiki and What Your Aura Color Means: Part 3

    When it comes to the study of reiki and energy healing, our reiki master pays a lot of attention to your aura. The aura is a type of energy your body is projecting to the outside world. In our latest blog series, we have been covering different types of auras you may possess. When you speak with Debbie, our reiki master, she will be able to sense what type of aura you have and find out how to res…Read More

  5. Reiki and What Your Aura Color Means: Part 2

    If you have been keeping up with our blogs, we have been discussing who you are when it comes to your aura. Each aura has a very different meaning and its color has many representations. Your aura is the projection of your state of being, the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your entire self. When you are a reiki master such as Debbie, you will be able to see people's auras almost ins…Read More

  6. Reiki and What Your Aura Color Means

    If you are a gifted individual, you may have the ability to look at someone and know they have a good or troubled energy. How would one be able to tell? Well, the energy within your body will give off a plethora of colors, this is considered your aura. When Debbie, our master reiki meets you, she will be able to see your aura. Knowing and paying attention to the color of your aura is important if …Read More