I highly recommend Debbie to any one who needs a change.

I came to Debbie with a great deal of stress from five long years of emotional suffering.  Not only did my mother die, there was many other unfinished issues within my family that I was in knots not having closure or understanding about what happened to me.  Instead of having answers and/or seeking restitution with my family problems, I am learning to understand them and put them in a place that does not effect my emotional self, allowing for a more positive approach to my daily life and foundation for a new, strong self-esteem and grounding when these issue pop-up.  I have been to many therapists, only to spend a great deal of money talking about me to now see what is ahead of me and how to proactively work with these problems, actively or choosing not to.  I understand now that I have the power to change many things I felt I could not, for some time.  I highly recommend Debbie to any one who needs a change.  We all have stresses in our lives, and sometimes we don’t know how to get rid of them.  I learned that some of them were so deep that years of therapy would not have corrected the energies that Debbie had accomplished in two sessions.

K. Cri