I would recommend her to anyone who wants to grow in a positive direction.

I met Debbie for the first time in June 2005. I had spent almost two years in a very stressful place. I walked into my initial appointment with Debbie weak and exhausted. I left feeling “light” and renewed. I was intrigue. The following day my husband and I had a follow-up appointment with my husband’s oncologist which would normally involve many triggers. I was able to be present during this appointment and I left feeling clam. The next day I had a scheduled lunch with my closet friend from work. I had been troubled by my relationship with this friend; pain and desperation surrounded me. I realized that while driving to lunch, I felt excited to be meeting with her and I enjoyed the time we spent together. This perceived loss was one of my issues during my appointment with Debbie. I found that because of her work with me, I was able to continue my relationship with a very dear friend. My negative feelings no longer existed.

My daughter at NYC agreed to talk with Debbie on the phone. She had been feeling depressed, isolated and lonely. She was considering moving back to Denver. She spoke with Debbie in August 2006. She visited during the Thanksgiving holiday and she was happy, healthy and excited about her new life in NYC. She had moved to Harlem, had a roommate that she enjoyed, was saving because of he move and now was only three subway stops from her job. Before her flight back to NYC she was excited to be going “home”. Our visit was without conflict and pain. I needed no recovery time, which was different from the experiences with her over the past seven years. My daughter had been transformed and I experienced a gift.

I have experienced pain in relationships with friends over the years. Because of my work with Debbie , this pain has decreased significantly and I feel “lighter” in my relationships. I now feel more energy available to pursue my many interests and passions in the transition from working in health care to working on creative projects in my new studio. The issues that I have described above are the most dramatic of my experience with Debbie and her energetic work. I can portray many more. I have found Debbie to be warm, empathic and very knowledgeable. She exudes enthusiasm and confidence. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to grow in a positive direction. I continue to work with Debbie on issues that emerge and I have attended two introductory workshops. I remain committed to this work, with the goal of feeling increasingly “light” and neutral”. I practice this energetic work every day and I am grateful for decreased suffering. I look forward to increasing my feelings of peace, creativity and confidence. I believe this method is of benefit to myself, my family and therefore the world. Love and Gratitude.

J. Boyd