The classes are extremely helpful! Debbie is a wonderful teacher and healer!

I am writing in regards to the Energetic class.  I had a severe fear of spiders until I had some energy work done on me in the class.  After the session, Debbie said, “spider” and I instinctively began breathing deeply, rather than heading into an anxiety attack!  It is amazing!  Please look into additional classes of this nature if at all possible!!!

The classes are extremely helpful!  Debbie is a wonderful  teacher and healer!  Aside from relieving me of a phobia that has plague me for most of my life.  She has also given me helpful techniques to ward off anxiety attacks that plague me for other reasons.  Also, tools to use pressure points all over the body to help alleviate pain in many areas.  And lastly a tool to have more restful sleep. It is my favorite program.  I truly wish there were more program of this nature!  Yours truly.