I have been observing people racing around every day trying to get everything done before the holidays.  I don’t see the joy in people and I see most people out of their bodies because they are so stressed and worried and trying to control perfect outcomes (news is that we don’t have that power!) This is the most important time to stay in our bodies and be present and enjoy  each moment so we able see the magical connections around us that are not wrapped presents but real people and possibilities and to be safe.I observed the last couple of months, co workers getting physically injured because they were not in their  bodies, worrying of all the things they needed to do. When you are in the space of trying to get everything done and trying to control outcomes, your body, your health and your mental status suffer and your mind and body begin to  spin.  Decisions then are made out of fear, stress, anxiety and judgement of our selves.   Our emotional, mental and physical health is the most important assets we have.  Being energetically grounded and in the  present moment we can make it easier for ourselves for what we can do right now and stay healthy and safe.The best gift you can give you and your loved ones is to stay energetically balanced on all levels.  So what if you don’t get everything done perfectly but know that it all turns out ok if you are ok.    Just starting with ourselves being energetically balanced we are all really ok and when we go into judgment and self criticism  we lose that gratitude and try to control things that are not in our power.  So please learn to become energetically neutral and know you can’t force anything that is truly meant to be.  Take the weight off your shoulders and mind and just be grateful and be in present which actually causes your energy to become lighter and more loving.  That is the best present you can give you and your family and friends this year. Nothing else really matters!