All of the following services of reiki, energy healing and chakra cleanses, are conveniently provided in-person. Debbie also offers reiki and Energy shifting distantly healing over the phone or via Skype. If you would like to request an in-person reiki demonstration, session, or class, Debbie is available in the state of Colorado.

flower11. One FREE personal consultation for 20 minutes, by appointment (can be conducted in-person, via Skype, or over the phone)

flower22.  $100.00 for a One-Hour Session (includes 3 specific issues you want to feel relief from)

flower-33. $200.00 for The Reconnection Session (includes 3 specific issues you want to feel relief from).  This is a two day session in person or distantly.  It is  Reconnecting with your true inner being and releasing negative energy that is causing chaos in your mind, body and soul. You become lighter and feel better about yourself and your life in very positive ways.  It is like coming home to you.

Testimonial – “I came to Debbie with a great deal of stress from five long years of emotional suffering. After the Reconnection, I understand now that I have the power to change many things I felt I could not, for some time.  I highly recommend Debbie to anyone who needs a change.  We all have stresses in our lives and sometimes we don’t know how to get rid of them.  I learned that some of them were so deep that years of therapy would not have corrected the energies that Debbie had accomplished in two sessions…K Crist”

Testimonial – “At the time I met Debbie I was a single mother working a very stressful schedule.  She recommended a reconnection due to me being so out of control within myself.  This reconnection was what I needed.  The amount of relaxation and clarity I felt was at times overwhelming.  Afterward, I found my path in my life.  I met my true love and was married 8 months after the reconnection.  Having Deb reconnect my mind, body and spirit has truly been enlightening and one of the best things I have ever done.  To her, I am forever grateful…T Dodd.”

flower-44.  FREE Group Demonstrations (ie businesses, schools, hospitals – any group that wants to feel better!)

flower55. Gift Certificates Available. Click here to inquire.

In addition to the above packages, if you are interested in the Reiki & Energetic Healing Classes that Debbie has to offer, please reach out directly by calling 970-412-8725 or filling out the form found here.

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