An Example of the Power of Energy Healing and Neutrality

This an example of what can happen when you are in neutrality.  This means your energy is balanced and not charged with chaos!

“I had been thinking about vacations and couldn’t seem to make any decisions about where I wanted to travel to. I was going into work and had myself,  ‘Would Costa Rica be a good place for me to visit?’  My answer to this was not strong, meaning no real charge to this negatively or positively! So I let it go (became neutral) and went inside  As I was walking down the hall, another employee said hi and continued walking.  He stopped suddenly and called my name, I turned around and he said “I think you need to go on a vacation.”  I laughed and said that would be great! He then continued to head down the hall and stopped again and said to me, ‘It has to be tropical and have an ocean.’  That surprised me, as I thought maybe he was reading my mind.  I checked in to work and then out of curiosity I went back to talk to him.  He told me he never suggests beach vacations to anyone! Then I shared what I was thinking while I was coming into work. We laughed about it. From there, I went to the unit I was working on and three employees were there to give me a daily report.  I told them about the interaction I just had and we all laughed.  I told them Costa Rica did not feel strong for me to go visit.  Then I said “I want to go visit Costa Rica.”  Each one of them then said “It is 70% strong to go to Costa Rica”  These are people I have never worked on energetically or have expressed how my other occupation of working with people and testing their weaknesses!  It really took me by surprise, that I was getting the answers to go visit Costa Rica. If that wasn’t clear enough, at the end of the work day, I offered to drive another employee home.  I was telling her this story and she started laughing and said her boyfriend is from Costa Rica and she has lived in Costa Rica before. Finally,  she explained to me how they were planning to move back to Costa Rica someday.  What are the odds of these messages being given to me specifically about costa rica?”

I am sharing this story with you to show you if you are in neutrality you will get the answers you are asking about!  Being neutral allows energy to flow, rather than pushing for answers or trying to control outcomes for anything! It is the best place to be in for our souls!  This neutral space allows possibilities and answers to come to you that will help you and keep you healthy and peaceful!  It also makes you stay in the present moment rather than getting caught up in the past or trying to control the future!

I hope you enjoyed my story of how reiki and energy healing can help you physically, mentally, and emotionally to allow neutrality and healing to happen!  I am so grateful to share how energy healing and Reiki can benefit your health and your life More stories to come! Come see for yourself how powerful my energy healing can be by setting up a session in Fort Collins, or a reiki distance healing! Call today!