If you have been keeping up with our blogs, we have been discussing who you are when it comes to your aura. Each aura has a very different meaning and its color has many representations. Your aura is the projection of your state of being, the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your entire self. When you are a reiki master such as Debbie, you will be able to see people’s auras almost instantly.


When you come in for a consultation in Fort Collins with our reiki master, she will be able to sense and see your worries right away. Her energy healing techniques will help keep your chakras and other parts of you balanced. She will also be able to tell a lot about your personality as well.


In our last blog, we went over what some different aura colors mean; we are going to dive right back in and learn some more.

What Your Aura Color Means to You


If our energy healer sees an orange aura around you, she will immediately be able to tell that you are a very generous and social person. Having an orange aura means you love the company of others and like to be the light that surrounds a room. You may tend put a lot of pressure on yourself because you want to be a constant people pleaser and the best gift giver. With your generous nature, you are also an incredibly thoughtful individual. You are very at peace with your emotions and express them whenever they are present, but sometimes you may be too emotional. Some of your more troubling attributes are that you are quick to anger and may be hot headed. You also tend to be impatient and like to rush different parts of your life, such as work projects or even relationships. You are the type of person that acts now and considers what the actions will do after the fact.


When you possess a green aura, you are usually a hard working and creative person. You are a perfectionist and a very determined individual. Your creative energies are channeled in more practical applications such as cooking, interior design, or even gardening. This goes in hand in hand with your view of the world; you are not a dreamer by any means, you look at the facts and don’t let unrealistic thoughts plague your train of thought. You are very good at working in business and you are highly respected by almost everyone. You choose your friends and you choose them wisely. You are always around for sound advice and to bring someone down from the clouds.


When you showcase an entirely blue aura, you are someone quite special. Having a predominantly blue aura is rare, but is possible. Having the deep blue color means you have a pronounced personality. When you have a blue aura, one thing you will tremendously excel at is communication. You have a great way of expressing your thoughts in a charismatic way. Professions you can excel at are most types of writing and even politics. You are a true motivator because of your balance with your head and your heart. You are excellent at making the tough decisions and know how to keep peace between both sides of yourself. You may be someone who has too much on their plate at times, which makes you tend to neglect your personal relationships.


Come visit us at Healing Energy Choices in Fort Collins to learn more about your aura, chakras, and how reiki can change your state of being. Reiki is an energy healing process to help you regain balance and peace within your body. Schedule your consultation with our reiki master today. We can set up an in-person, telephone, or even Skype session. Don’t hesitate!