If you are a gifted individual, you may have the ability to look at someone and know they have a good or troubled energy. How would one be able to tell? Well, the energy within your body will give off a plethora of colors, this is considered your aura. When Debbie, our master reiki meets you, she will be able to see your aura.
Knowing and paying attention to the color of your aura is important if you want to achieve balance and serenity,

Colors of your Aura and What They Mean


What is an Aura?

Your aura is a field of energy that is projected off of the body, usually about 3 feet in diameter. This aura can express many things about a person such as their spiritual, emotional, and physical state. Your aura is also able to reveal deeper meanings such as your thoughts, feelings, and even dreams. There will be multiple colors to your aura, but there usually is one dominant color over the rest.


If you are someone with a red aura you are usually up for everything. Your sense of adventure is dominant and so is your energetic attitude. You love to travel, try all new things, and you may experience things with intimacy more frequently and with more variety. You are strong willed and usually are not one to suffer from mental or physical illnesses. You may like to keep active with participating in sports or going to the gym. You are extremely competitive and need to be the best at everything. This can be a drawback to your red aura. Not only that, but you are quick to anger and are very stubborn. Within the red aura, you can be anywhere from a brilliant fire truck red to a dull cloudy maroon. However, this is the basis for the red aura. Debbie will be able to explain to you what the variations mean with her reiki knowledge.



A yellow aura means many different things. A yellow aura has significance of being analytical, logical, and craving intelligence. You may work too hard and can let your career dominate your whole life very easily. You enjoy being alone and do not see it as a burden. You are an excellent communicator and love to be in front of a crowd, educating others. You are great at people watching and paying attention to detail. Some of the weaknesses within yourself is you think too critically, put your head above your heart, and come across as too confident. Debbie can come up with energy healing exercises to help balance out the dominance of this aura.



If your aura is pink you are a natural lover and a very giving person. You love to be cared for and nurtured, and you like to do the same for others. You are very people-orientated and are always looking for an excuse to get together with loved ones. You have a good mindset when it comes to staying healthy with regards to diet and exercise. You are sincerely romantic and once you find “the one” you will be faithful and loyal for eternity. You are creative, a social justice warrior, and very passionate. Your downfall is you are sometimes too passionate and expect too much of others.
Learn more aura colors in our next blog and schedule a consultation with Debbie for your energy healing session via in-person, phone, or Skype™!