When it comes to the study of reiki and energy healing, our reiki master pays a lot of attention to your aura. The aura is a type of energy your body is projecting to the outside world. In our latest blog series, we have been covering different types of auras you may possess.

When you speak with Debbie, our reiki master, she will be able to sense what type of aura you have and find out how to restore balance throughout your whole being. As an energy healer for over 15 years, she knows the ins and outs of the reiki methods.

We wanted to go over some of the last few colors you aura may appear to be. However, the colors we have been covering are just the basics; once you really start to understand your energy, the colors can differentiate, be a variation, and mean many different things,


When you have a purple aura, you are said to be one with your emotions, similar to having an orange aura. If your aura is purple you may even have some psychic abilities and you are often perceived by others as mysterious and possibly secretive. With a purple aura, you never want to stop learning. Your mind is constantly going and you question everything there is to know. People find you very intriguing and always want to get to know you better. People may love to be around you, but you stick to a close circle of loved ones, You may have struggled with relationships, but once you find a mate, you are loyal and truly care for them. You have a deep love for animals of all kinds. You empathize with stray cats and dogs, and want to take them into your home and nurture them.


If our reiki master sees you having a gold halo around you, she knows you are artistic and appreciate all the beauty the world has to offer. You tend to spoil yourself quite often by indulging in the best makeup, jewelry, and clothes. Your home is also set up with an artistic yet luxurious flair. You love to be the host for all types of gatherings for your friends and loved ones and enjoy being surrounded by many others. You tend to have many friends and love to be the center of attention. A drawback is that you don’t handle criticism well and don’t like your flaws to be exposed by anyone or anything.

White or Silver

White or silver means you have been blessed with many talents. Your aura means you are very in-tune with others and even yourself. You’re sensitive, yet practical at the same time. Similar to the purple aura, you tend to have psychic abilities. You are known to be a great listener and someone people can talk to about anything. You keep a handful of friends and even fewer lovers.


If you would like to know about your aura or the energy balance within your being, set up a consultation with Debbie, she can see you in person in Fort Collins, chat over the phone, or even do a skype session in the comforts of your own home!